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Dezember 04, 2023

The 28th International Trade Fair for Plastics Processing (Internationale Fachmesse für Kunststoffverarbeitung) – FAKUMA for short – took place this year from October 17 to 21 in Friedrichshafen. Among the more than 1,600 exhibitors, MGG Polymers was a sought-after and valued contact when it came to plastics recycling and sustainability. Topics that – together with others – were the focus of the trade fair at Lake Constance.

MGG Polymers was represented in Friedrichshafen with the largest trade fair stand in the company’s history. The company from Kematen once again presented itself as an innovative and competent partner when it comes to recycling, sustainability and the circular economy.

FAKUMA 2023 impressed more than 39,000 trade visitors. With the thematic pillars of digitalization, automation, flexibility, energy efficiency and sustainability, the organizers were once again able to score points. On 85,000 square meters, the exhibitors presented a host of innovations and gave a confident outlook for the future, including the recycling of plastics. The establishment of closed material cycles, product optimization for recycling and the processing of recyclates for high-quality applications were at the top of the agenda. Of course, the recycling pioneers from MGG Polymers were not to be missed at this industry highlight. With a new exhibition stand and a total of eight employees, the company from Kematen presented itself as an innovative and competent partner when it comes to recycling, sustainability and the circular economy.

Challenging economic times bring price to the fore

This year’s trade fair was another successful one for MGG Polymers. With a new exhibition stand – the largest in the company’s history – the recyclers from the Mostviertel region attracted attention. „It felt a little less crowded than in previous years, but that allowed more room for detailed and high-quality discussions,“ summarized Darko Huskic, Sales Manager of MGG Polymers, after his return. „We were able to make an exceptionally large number of contacts this year and had excellent discussions. A huge topic was the price issue, which is still due to the challenging economic situation. In general, however, the industry is clearly looking to the future.“

Many good and valuable discussions were held with interested parties and like-minded people at the stand. Philipp Felber, Gerald Jagersberger and Raimund Salzmann were among those present at Lake Constance this year.

Circular economy: plastic is a precious material, not a problem material

At FAKUMA 2023, the focus was not only on the production and processing of plastics, but also on reuse and recycling. Plastic is a valuable material that is still not sufficiently recognized as such by the public. A topic that is particularly close to MGG Polymers‘ heart. Those responsible agreed that a great deal of educational work is still needed in this area. The topic of sustainability has long since ceased to be a side issue; on the contrary, sustainability has long since moved to the center of attention. Combined with reliable key figures such as the „CO2 footprint“, sustainability is now on everyone’s lips. The experts at Polymers have been scoring points in this sector for years, and their knowledge and technological pioneering role are in demand internationally.

At FAKUMA 2023, the focus was particularly on plastics reuse and recycling. MGG Polymers presented the wide range of recycled polymers on offer.

Design for recycling – an approach for the future

„Design for Recycling“ is about linking two worlds, that of product design with that of recycling. „We are delighted to have been approached, as we have been at previous trade fairs, to take part in specific measures here,“ says Günther Höggerl, Managing Director of MGG Polymers. „The challenge is to sensitize those responsible for product design to how recycling works in practice. For example, that different black plastics are very difficult to separate from each other by type. Simply not coloring any internal, invisible plastic parts of a product black would simplify the recycling process after the product’s useful life. However, this should in no way restrict the freedom of design,“ explains Höggerl. Although the approach is a realistic one, not all challenges will be solved quickly. However, the topic is now much more important than it was five years ago.

After the trade fair is before the trade fair

As in previous years, MGG Polymers‘ participation in FAKUMA 2023 was a complete success. Good discussions and contact with industry specialists were on the agenda on all five days of the exhibition. Günther Höggerl and Darko Huskic were full of praise for the trade visitors at the trade fair: „The exchange with our customers and many other players in the plastics industry was once again an inspiring experience for us. Despite the current difficult economic situation, we once again feel encouraged in our growth strategy.“

After the trade fair is before the trade fair, and planning for 2024 is already in full swing in Friedrichshafen. MGG Polymers, the recycling pioneers from Kematen, will be there again!