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Ferrous metal recycling...
the origin of the business

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Unprecedented recycling depth...
with E-Waste

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Efficient treatment
of Shredder Residues

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© Peter Essick

Patented de-pollution of E-Waste...
the „Smasher“

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Technological developments in
Non-Ferrous Metal recovery ...

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Printed Circuit Boards
....the home of precious metals

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... of non-ferrous heavy metals

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Aluminium recycling
...... enormous CO2 savings

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Plastic Recycling
...... End-of-Waste products


Plastic Recycling
...... the last resort

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"The last mile in the forward flow

is the first mile in the reverse flow"


A Shredder condering the environment

Juli 21, 2013

Supercomputer and Turret Installation (an article)

In the recycling plant in Amstetten various waste materials are treated and separated in a step by step process, which results in recycled raw materials...
Juni 22, 2013


Sigrid Hagen & ihre Crew vom Verein "Wohl-be-hagen" organisierten am Gelände von Schotterbaron Koloman Riedler in Winklarn bereits den "2. Dreckspatzenlauf" ...
Juni 22, 2013

Dirtrun “Dreckspatzenlauf”

The non-profit association "Wohl-be-hagen" organized on the premises of Koloman Riedler in Winklarn for the second time the "Dreckspatzenlauf "...

Recycling Services

The Müller-Guttenbrunn Group offers recycling services for practically all metal containing durable goods, such as ELV, WEEE and other durable goods, but also for shredder residues and metal containing slags…read more


The ability of our society to function and maintain productivity will depend on the future availability of raw materials. Recycling these raw materials is becoming a key issue…
read more


The Müller-Guttenbrunn Group lives environmental regulatory and non-regulatory compliance by pro-active investments in pollution prevention and active participation in professional bodies…read more