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Juli 15, 2019

MGG Metran has been using a flexible shredder for several months now. This shredder is not only mobile, but can also shred different waste fractions.

In order to be able to recycle waste, it must be collected, shredded, separated, etc. An important step here is often shredding. Müller-Guttenbrunn has specially designed shredders for this purpose (e.g. for end-of-life vehicles, electrical appliances). These are usually permanently installed and often specialised in certain waste fractions. But MGG Metran is always faced with the challenge of having to shred and separate different waste groups in rapid succession.

The Bobby-Car as the starting shot

Especially for the so-called Bobby Car project, in which solid plastic wastes have to be separated from the metal content they can contain, an efficient shredder was needed. This shredder needed to be both flexible and reliable.

After an intensive search for a suitable device, the decision was finally made to use the Miura shredder from the Austrian manufacturer Lindner. „We tested a demonstration model at our factory for a week. After the test week, we were convinced that we could master many of the new challenges with this shredder,“ says Daniel Forstner, responsible for production and development at MGG Metran.

For a quick change

The mobile shredder on a 3-axle trailer is equipped with a 275 kilowatt shredder unit. A quick-change system allows the rotors to be exchanged for different materials. In this way, different fractions – from various plastics to light scrap – can be shredded in rapid succession. Impurities will have little effect on the shredder and a specially developed secondary crushing beam now makes it possible to achieve maximum shredding results of the individual parts that need to be shredded.

Due to its mobility, it is not only used at MGG Metran, but can also be used in the other MGG plants such as MGG Metrec and MGG Polymers. Until now, the Miura shredder has been used to shred the following fractions:

  • Solid plastics from the municipal collection (barrels, IBC containers, garden furniture, Bobby Cars etc.)
  • Plastic fractions from different types of E-waste
  • Printed circuit boards
  • Cables and copper composites
  • Light scrap


Satisfactory results

After the first months in live operation, MGG Metran is satisfied with the results, as Daniel Forstner confirms: „With the Miura shredder, we can react more flexibly – especially when it comes to processing complex material flows. This flexibility enables us to respond even better to customer requirements. Above all, however, we can further improve the high quality of our secondary raw materials“. To this end, we are convinced that such a flexible shredder will enable us to close even more material cycles and increase recycling rates.

These positive experiences spread to the Romanian colleagues in the Müller-Guttenbrunn Group. A test with a mobile shredder was also carried out in Romania and they were impressed.  And now it is clear to the local management teams: “We also need a mobile shredder!“

MGG Metran – Miura-Schredder, GF Gunther Panowitz