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Eva Müller-Guttenbrunn opens EVA

Mai 22, 2013
A specialized shredder with a capacity of some 80 thousand metric tons has been opened on May 22nd. The state-of-the-art shredder is processing material...

S.C. Remat M.G. S.A. opened in Frumuseni

Oktober 04, 2012
Near the village of Frumuseni, located only a few kilometers from the city of Arad in Western Romania, a completely new headquarters and branch ...

Celebration 20 years Mü-Gu Kft. in Budapest

Juni 15, 2012
The celebration of 20 years Mü-Gu Kft took place on 15. Juni 2012. During the official celebration, that took place in a big party tent on the premises of Mü-Gu Kft ...